Strike Pack PS4 vs. Scuf Controller PS4

Strike Pack PS4.

There is no doubt that playing a video game with a controller equipped with paddles benefits players. Today, I am going to compare Collective Minds Strike Pack PS4 with Scuf controller PS4. The main attraction of these equipments is their user-friendly buttons placed on the rear. These buttons enable users to activate face buttons without taking your fingers away from the controller sticks. This is particularly beneficial for shooting game players, such as first-person shooters in Overwatch. So it’s undebatable that having extra buttons on the rear of a gaming controller help better gaming experience.

Price – Strike Pack PS4 wins

Strike Pack PS4
The Strike Pack PS4 costs around 51 SGD. You may be afraid that its low price come with a low expectation of quality. However, I was amazed when using it. When it was attached to my PS4 controller, I found its minimal bulk and ergonomically sound design so favorable. I believe every player desire to have a PS4 adapter like this without much spending.

Scuf Impact PS4
On the other hand, Scuf Impact, the latest flagship of Scuf controllers, is priced at 189 SGD. In the past, it allowed players to send in and customize their controllers to attain discount, but it is disabled now. However, you can still buy a fully loaded Scuf Impact with a decent saving now.

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Wireless connection – Scuf Impact wins

Scuf Impact PS4
You can use Scuf Impact either wireless via Bluetooth or wired through a USB cable. When players play in a wired mode, its Cable Retention System helps them keep the cable locked into the controller port. This makes users feel secure when playing in a wired mode.

Strike Pack PS4
In contrast, the Strike Pack PS4 won’t work without a wired connection. But it will accompany a benefit of lower latency connection. Its package includes a 10-feet cable. You can, of course, use other USB cables, but I would recommend that you stick to what’s supplied.

Paddle – Strike Pack PS4 wins

Strike Pack PS4
The position of the Strike Pack’s paddles enables players to activate without many efforts. These paddles are configurable and replaceable, with magnets keeping them attached to controllers safely. They are also remappable only if you simply push the two buttons on the back.

Scuf Impact PS4
On the other hand, the Scuf Impact boasts about its removable paddles that enable players to press face buttons without the need to leave their fingers off analog sticks. If you are professional gaming shooters, paddles enable you to jump, aim, and shoot simultaneously. This flexibility would not be achieved with a standard controller. However, I don’t think four paddles are necessary because having one for jumping and one for attacking will be great enough for most players. Sometimes, I feel that using four paddles at once makes me so busy!

Ease of use – tie

Strike Pack PS4
The Strike Pack’s Mod Mode enables players to activate rapid fire, burst fire, drop shot, jitter fire, quick scope, auto run, etc. How you can carry out these instructions is to push the two buttons, which in turn triggers rear light going from white to blue. Then scroll through the various mods by using the controller’s face buttons and select one of them.

Scuf Impact PS4
On the other hand, Scuf Trigger System has three different mechanics to help quicker instruction inputs. One can stop the shoulder buttons from going past the activation point, another can adjust the initial time, and the other can trigger cover to be swapped out for a longer alternative. This instruction combo is helpful especially for a shooter who needs to swiftly fire a semi-automatic rifle in the game.

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